• Choosing a Real Estate Professional not a generic REALTOR®

    Selecting a best North Carolina Real Estate Professional to work with you will save you time and money.  In looking for a professional real estate agent to assist you with your property search in Pittsboro, Cary, Chapel Hill Apex, Raleigh NC, consider the following:



    • Area Knowledge -  Does the agent have great local knowledge of the area (Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh NC)? I am the area expert and will give you a clear picture on the RTP area, from Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, Durham and some parts of Raleigh.  We will tell you the history of the area, what trends are happening today for real estate, and most important what the future holds with the growth of each area (new road, schools, industry, nuclear power plant....)


    • Developments & Planned Community -  Does your agent know the Planned Neighborhoods throughout the RTP area?    I know planned neighborhoods  in the area.  I havemanaged these neighborhoods from the concept planning stage to the final sellout pase.   I understand golf neighborhoods, gated neighborhoods, Jordan Lake neighborhoods, retirement neighborhoods, horse neighborhoods and amenity neighborhoods and what it takes to market thier uniques features to the prospective buyers


    • Product Quality - Does your agent know the differences in quality of each home?   I know the differences in homes when comparing. I can point out the pluses and minuses in each property  to help justify a true market value.  I have a network of builders that can help assist you with a purchase and renovation of an old home and give you a quote before you make an offer, this helps eliminate any surprises after the close.


    • New Construction vs Older Home -  Does your agent know the difference between new and Older Homes? I am an   expert in the New Homes Construction market.  I am recognized by the NC Courts as an expert witness in land, new homes, and neighborhood for the local area.  I know how a home is built and what goes into each home today, so I can tell you good quality from the bad.   I know older homes and have the knowledge what products were used i each home when they were built.  I have the relationships with the areas top quality custom builders. So we can give you a good idea on the costs, from building new  vs renovate an older home. This allows you to review all your options.


    • Land -  Does your agent know land  ? I am the Land Experts , we have helped over 400 families buy land to build a custom homes or invest  over the past 10 years.  From developers lots in subdivisions to the large acre tracks of land, I have the land expertise and connections and to the custom builder and architects to make the process easy.  I know the area and can tell you what the land is worth and the future growth potentials,  good or bad.


    • Expertise - Does your agent have an in-depth model of how to do a Broker opinion of value ?  Understand market conditions ? Understand the neighborhood market condition?  Understand the local economy and growth ? I offer you a full data and analytic services that will help you understand each area to the fullest.


    • Experience - Does your agent a well experience? I  ham a seasoned agent with over 15 years experience  in helping buyer search for and locate that Dream Property.


    • Specific Product Knowledge - Does your agent know Luxury Homes, Custom Homes, New Construction, Renovation Work, Neighborhoods ? I am  a leading agent in the Luxury Custom Home, and New Home market.  I know all the ‘Sticks and Bricks’ that go into all types homes.  I know the quality neighborhoods throughout the area.  These expertise will ensure you know what you are buying quality and are offering the correct price.


    • Search Tools - Does the agent or company offer you tools to make the search easier? Real estate companies, no matter how large the firm,  can not compete with the 3 major websites (Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia) in providing you with the state of the art real estate search tools.  If needed, I will help educate and train you on how to use the latest web based tools to help in your search.  If you don’t want to use the search tools,  I provide all buyers with  an in-depth data report on all properties of interest within their target pool in the Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh area.


    • Availability - How available is the agent if you need to contact them?  I am available 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm.   I use all forms of communication (phone, text, e-mail, skype or facetime to a physical meetings) with each of my clients to ensure I am meeting their needs and expectations. 

Market Planning

Detailed Research

Market Exposure

Floor Plans

Certified Pre-Owned Home



  • Professional

    I will maximize your real estate exposure by adding a visual masterpeice online with more than 40 professional photos, a  Virtual Tour and YouTube Video that bring your property to life that attracts more buyers.  I offer a blend of AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY - NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY - RESIDENTIAL HOMES EXTERIOR/INTERIOR - NEIGHBORHOOD - AMENITIES - LIFESTYLE .  I'll making sure your property shines rooftops above the competition in the virtual world.


  • Detailed

    Information is the backbone on all decisions made in buying or selling real estate,  and it’s always changing.  Knowing how and where to get the information is hard. Knowing how to assemble a conclusion with the data is another question.   Like a puzzle,  each piece of data fits into one another to create the big picture.  If the data is use correctly then the Big Picture is clear.   I  have the knowledge and experience in putting the pieces of your data together correctly to create a clear  and easy to read picture on  your property value for you, potential buyers and appraisers.


  • Market

    If potential buyers don't see your listing it will be harder to sell.  I makes sure your listing is exposed to the market.  I put your listing in front of millions of potential buyers through some of the most viewed and popular web sites.  My eye-catching sign package which features a take-one virtual brochure with the latest  QR code  technology,  ensures I am capturing all the prospective drive by traffic.  If needed,  I can craft a specific media campaign through a variety of  channels in the  local media of newspapers and magazines to increase your exposure. 


  • Floor

    Floor Plans are the 2nd most desired feature in a listing after quantity of images of your property for prospective buyers. A MAJORITY of prospective home buyers want to see a floor plan before they set an appointment to tour a home. Prospective buyers want to know room sizes and their configuration in a house so that they can understand the flow of the property.  Having a floor plan will increase your quality of  showings.  I have the abilty to clean copy of your floor plan or make a floorplan from scratch to ensure you are capturing the best leads.




    The marketing approach and plan is a critical component in any type of real estate market. A well planned marketing program is the foundation for how well your property will do in the market place. I will do it all from strategic planning to creative execution, from interactive communications to public relations, and from photography to video webcast production.  I can maximize all aspects of your online marketing efforts to ensure that your message is being properly communicated. My services focus on the most efficient and effective path to maximize exposure and demand for your property.


  • Certified Pre-Owned


    Every pre-owned home is a product of innovative design and quality craftsmanship by some of the area's best builders.  All protective buyers need to be made clear of these unique features as well as  the fact the home is in great condition at a fair market value.  The certified pre-owned home program will ensure to all potential buyers as well as the seller of the home's quality and value.  In a challenging real estate market, this will allow for a seamless purchase and closing process.



Your home is an extremely important piece of capital and remains an integral part of your life, even while you are selling it. I offer the best Listing solutions for all your real estate needs.  I offer a wide range of professional marketing services that use our unique listing approach which combines a blend of next generation and old traditional sales marketing techniques that will make your property stand out from the competition.  These techniques create a connection on a practical and emotional level that keeps your property on top of buyers' minds. This extra service we provide not only make your property look sharp, they have proven to maximum exposure , attract more showings, secure a higher sales price.


I understand how important it is to your future to get the price you want on your property and with our considerable knowledge of the market, I know how to help you get that price. I will provide you a free in-depth evaluation of your home using the specific characteristics of your home, the neighborhood and the local area to compare it with relevant current market prices. This detailed analysis will give you a preliminary idea of how much you can expect from the market and where we should aim. Contact me to get this process started so that you can move forward into what the future holds next for you.


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